Dizziness and vertigo diagnostics in Conradia Medical Prevention-Centre Hamburg


CIM – Center for Innovative Medicine
CMPH – Conradia Medical Prevention-Centre Hamburg

CMPH – Conradia Medical Prevention-Centre Hamburg

A neurological specialty diagnostics for determining the risk of stroke and parkinson’s disease, and for clarification of neurological symptoms, such as unexplained dizziness, blurred vision, gait disorders with dizziness, – in cooperation with the CMPH – offered by the Conradia Medical Prevention-Centre Hamburg.

This Check is also part of the “Complete Check Neuro” and the “Basic Neuro Check” of CMPH – Conradia Medical Prevention-Centre Hamburg.

Dizziness is one of the most common symptoms in medicine. Approximately every third person has at least at some point in life such problems. Nevertheless, the care of patients with dizziness is often less than optimal. Affected patients change frequently from physician to physician, before the correct diagnosis and therapy is placed after weeks, months, or in some cases only after several years. Many medical approaches are often too broad and confusing: Even with correct diagnoses, the dizziness/vertigo/balance problems are frequnetly not satisfactorily treated.

More information is available at CMPH – Conradia Medical Prevention-Centre Hamburg